Thursday, June 17, 2010


QUIZ (11.30am,Dewan Kuliah)

-Questions will cover anatomy, physiology, internal medicine-rheumatology, treatment & management related to our theme: Joint Pain

First round:
  • Each team will include 4 people from each institution. It is an individual theory test. However, marks will be added and count as a whole for each team. (Please bring your own pencil-2B & eraser).
  • The questions are 30 questions that you have to choose one best answer (OBA) for 30 minutes.
  • This first round will be held concurrently with sketch and will be held in separate hall.

Second round:
  • Consist of 4 parts.
  • Second round required 2 people from three institutions who score the top three from the first round.
  • This round will be held on the stage, in front of the audients before the closing ceremony.
Bonus round:

  • If there is a tie, we will proceed to a bonus round to select the winner.
  • This round consists of 2 questions.

SKETCH COMPETITION (11.30 am, Auditorium)

The title that we suggest are:
  1. If I had joint pain……………….(in patient view)
  2. If you see a patient with joint pain…………………(in doctor view)
• The participants for this sketch are 5-10 peoples from each institution.
• The time given is 1 minute for preparation and 7 minutes for sketch.
• The criteria that we will evaluate are
  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Clarity of the issues
  3. Punctuality
  4. Current and accurate information
  5. Communication skill
  6. Professionalism
• The entire sketch will be held in auditorium.
• Participants may use any kind of props & musical sound track.
• Any indecent act or racial matters may cause the team to be disqualified.

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