Thursday, June 17, 2010


QUIZ (11.30am,Dewan Kuliah)

-Questions will cover anatomy, physiology, internal medicine-rheumatology, treatment & management related to our theme: Joint Pain

First round:
  • Each team will include 4 people from each institution. It is an individual theory test. However, marks will be added and count as a whole for each team. (Please bring your own pencil-2B & eraser).
  • The questions are 30 questions that you have to choose one best answer (OBA) for 30 minutes.
  • This first round will be held concurrently with sketch and will be held in separate hall.

Second round:
  • Consist of 4 parts.
  • Second round required 2 people from three institutions who score the top three from the first round.
  • This round will be held on the stage, in front of the audients before the closing ceremony.
Bonus round:

  • If there is a tie, we will proceed to a bonus round to select the winner.
  • This round consists of 2 questions.

SKETCH COMPETITION (11.30 am, Auditorium)

The title that we suggest are:
  1. If I had joint pain……………….(in patient view)
  2. If you see a patient with joint pain…………………(in doctor view)
• The participants for this sketch are 5-10 peoples from each institution.
• The time given is 1 minute for preparation and 7 minutes for sketch.
• The criteria that we will evaluate are
  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Clarity of the issues
  3. Punctuality
  4. Current and accurate information
  5. Communication skill
  6. Professionalism
• The entire sketch will be held in auditorium.
• Participants may use any kind of props & musical sound track.
• Any indecent act or racial matters may cause the team to be disqualified.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tentative of event

Continuous Medical Education For Medical Students
Joint Pain - Early Detection, Better Management and Effective Prevention
(Updated Tentative*)

Saturday - 10th July 2010

8.30 a.m
Registration (PPUKM Auditorium)

9.00 a.m (PPUKM Auditorium)

Opening Ceremony
By : Miss Nur Aishah binti Abdul Latiff
Director of Continuing Medical Education for Medical Students 2010

9.30 a.m (PPUKM Auditorium)
Lecture I
Title: JOINT PAIN-Early detection,better management, effective prevention.
By: Prof Madya Dr. Mohd Sharir Mohamed Said
Internal Medicine Department Lecturer,
Pusat Perubatan UKM

11.15 a.m. (PPUKM Auditorium)
Tea Break

11.30 a.m (PPUKM Auditorium)
Sketch Presentation

12.30 p.m (Perdana Gallery)

2.00 p.m. (PPUKM Auditorium)
Lecture II
Title: How to be a five-star doctor?
By: Prof. Dr Harlina Haliza Hj. Siraj
Head of Professional & Personal Development (PPD) Module
UKM Medical Centre

3.30 p.m (PPUKM Auditorium)
Rheumatology Quiz - Finals

4.30 p.m (PPUKM Auditorium)
Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony

1)Y. Bhg. Prof Dr Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy
Advisor of PERSIAP and Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Studies and Society Affairs) Medical Faculty, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

2)Y. Bhg. Dr Kuljit SIngh
Deputy Secretary of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)

5.30 p.m.
Programme Ends

Written Rheumatology Qiuz (Qualifying Rounds)
11.30 a.m. at Lecture Hall 1
Two students representing each university

See You There~

Friday, June 4, 2010

Organizing Committee of CME-MS 2010

Muhammad Azizuddin Bin Mohd Fahmi

Nur Aishah Bt Abdul Latiff

Assistant Director:
Mohd Aizul Hafizi Bin Ismail

Secretary 1:
Noor Adibah Bt Abdullah

Secretary 2:
Raja Najmi Hanis Bt Raja Ismail

Shah Rizal Amri Bin Abd Wahab

Programme Exco 1 : Nina Hoklai Bt Hat
Programme Exco 2 : Farahwahida Binti Othman

Protocol Exco 1 : Nurul Hanis Binti Azman
Protocol Exco2 : Rafidah Binti Abd Razak

Multi media &
Documentation Exco
: Mohd Faris Bin Mohd Fadi

Public relation & Publicity Exco 1 : Cheng Teck Chee
Public relation & Publicity 2 : Cheah Wen Nee

Food & Souvenirs Exco 1 : Magdalene Chee Mei Xi
Food & Souvenirs Exco 2 : New Ru Chen

Logistic Exco 1 : Muhammad Izmeer Bin Apili
Logistic Exco 2 : Mohd Fekri bin Ahmad Nazri

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Logistic service to UKMMC for CMEMS 2010..

For the participants convenience, we will provide a shuttle service for those who are taking public transport(STAR/KTM/ERL) to UKMMC.

UKMMC bus will be at Tasik Selatan Station (STAR LRT,KTM Comuter & ERL) at 8.OOam until 9.00am. Participants who arrive after 9.00am have to go by themselves by taxi (cost about RM 5-6/taxi).

Shuttle service after the programme starts at 6.00pm and ends at 7.00pm.

For those who are intrested with the shuttle service, please inform your head of delegate of your respective institution.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Theme: Joint Pain - Early Detection, Better Management and Effective Prevention

Organizer: UKM Student Association of Medical Faculty (PERSIAP)

Sub-organizer: Society of Malaysia Medical Association (SMMAMS) - Medical Student

Participants: ALL medical students (UKM and all other medical schools in MALAYSIA)

Mision: To expose the medical students to the severity of the joint pain among the Malaysian


(1) To increase the understanding towards joint pain thouroughly

(2) To exchange and share opinion and knowledge among medical students in Malaysia

(3) To strengthen the relationship among the medical students in Malaysia

(4) To produce medical doctors who are more concern on the health issues faced by our society and can give the best service to our patients.

Date: 10th July 2010

Time: 8:00am-5:00pm

Venue: Auditorium and Lecture Halls of UKM Medical Centre (UKMMC), Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contents of the event:
(1) Lectures and Interaction Slot
(2) Sketch Competition
(3) Rheumatology Quiz Competition among all the universities in Malaysia

Any inquiry, u can leave comments here or contact us:
(1) Cheng Teck Chee (+60126970256)
(2) Cheah Wen Nee (+0124555153)
(3) Nur Aishah Latiff (+60122225876)

Don't miss out the opportunity to meet medical students from 10 institutions in just one day.It will be our pleasure to see you in the event. =)